Sunday, November 7, 2010

A tutu for you!

A few months ago, a friend from church brought her two adorable girls in with matching tutus she made out of tulle. I couldn't get enough of looking at these cuties, and I decided, hey, I'll make some tutus for my friends with babies! Well, it turned out to be a super easy project. (I'll post the DIY soon.) I'm even thinking about making a bunch of these (in different colors as well) and selling them at craft husband says I should start an Etsy site with my aprons and tutus, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by that whole venture. Maybe when I finish school...

Thanks to the Yankey's and the Rozsa's for taking pictures of their little girls and letting me put them on my blog! What great models!

Fact: My friends make beautiful children. :o)