Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

New Year's goal #1 complete...update blog more. My husband says I am happiest when I am being creative or looking at beautiful things other people have created. 

I agree completely!  

So, hopefully I will be keeping this page updated with my own projects as well as creative ideas from other people.  

I have had this nursery idea in my mind ever since I taught preschool kids. (We read Goodnight Moon over and over and over at naptime...).  Thanks to polyvore for giving people a way to release their creative juices!
Goodnight Moon Nursery

Also, thanks to these other bloggers who have kept me ohhing and ahhing through 2009!

...and many, many more that I WILL mention in the upcoming year.  

Shout out to the hubby who has been VERY helpful in getting me to become a blogger. :o)

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