Monday, March 8, 2010

Got Sandwich, Need Soup

Last summer I visited my friend, Rachel in Indy.  We went for lunch at a cute deli (because I LOVE sandwiches and of course was craving one) in Broad Ripple, and I had one of the best concoctions ever!  Here are some pictures of my finished product.  Read on below for the ingredients.

I wrapped the sandwiches in wax paper, then white paper (mine happened to be a roll of gift wrap I needed to finish off), and tied it with twine.

Easy, easy, easy!

Whole wheat bagel, toasted  (you could use bread too!)
Ham or turkey
Cream cheese
Honey Dijon

That's all!  Yummy and lots of good for you fillings, too!


  1. I think you'll need to prepare such a sandwich in May! mmm mmmmm good! I love your blog!

  2. oh you'd better believe I will! :o)

  3. You made those for the Soup and Sandwich dinner at the church? They were good, Thanks!!