Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sarah and Jeremiah and the Bridesmaids' Clutches!

Ok, so I've been waiting to post Sarah's wedding so I could include a link to a blog for her cute clutches, but I can't wait any longer.  I'll just post the link later. :o)

Sarah and Jeremiah were married on June 26th in Denver, CO.  We had a great weekend hanging out with some of our best friends, and we were so honored to share in the Heiser's special day!  

Throughout the whole wedding planning process, Sarah was SOO excited about the bridesmaids carrying clutches down the aisle instead of flowers.  I was excited for this unique idea because (a) I thought it was super cute and (b) I have never actually taken a bouquet of flowers home with me after I've been in a wedding because I always forget to pick them up before we leave.  I knew there was no way I'd forget a clutch! Sarah found a cute shop on Etsy called Dear Lillie.  She ordered the clutches, ring bearer pillow, and the guys' bouttoneires from this site.  

Jeremiah and Sarah were married at Cherry Hills Community Church.  It was a great location because the wedding chapel and reception hall were right next to each other!  And yes, those are the Rockies in the background.

Here they are!  The bridesmaids wore pearls (SO Sarah!) and carried these cute clutches.  Isn't the rose adorable?  

Sarah wore blue shoes to add a little pop of color to her black and white wedding.  

Card Box.
Sarah asked me to make a card box for the reception.  I whipped this up for super cheap with some storage boxes and chip board.  Of course, there is a rose to tie it into the theme.  

The cakes!  
Jeremiah is a big San Francisco fan.  

Memory Table.  
Loved this idea.  The couple had pictures of their grandparents and Sarah's dad who had previously passed away.  

The wedding party. 
Check out those mountains in the background and the awesome color contrast.  

This is one of my favorites.  

Such a simple, elegant, and classy wedding!  

I LOVE pictures of shoes on wedding days.  Don't know why, just do.  

The Happy Couple!

Kem RAs!
They tell you in training to look around because these are the people who will be in your wedding one day.  And, well, it's true!

Last but not least, the Brownie Townies.  These are some of our best friends, and Dan and I cherish the times that we get to spend together.  Welcome to the club, Jeremiah! 

(Photos from Andrea Skinner.  She did a great job and was very calm, cool, and collected!)


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