Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding Hair Bling

For my wedding day, I searched high and low for the perfect, inexpensive hairpiece.  I finally decided to use 2 brooches that my bridesmaids were wearing on their dresses.  I had my friend Sam's mother-in-law turn them into hair clips, and I loved the way they turned out (except when one fell out about 2 minutes before I was walking down the aisle!  Ha!).  However, why did I not know about Etsy?  I think it would have saved me a lot of time!  Check out the cute headbands below, and then visit the Etsy site!

So, I saw this cute photoshoot on Style Me Pretty, and I loved this headband.  

Then, I went to the Etsy site and saw even more gorgeous wedding hairpieces.  Check out more beautifulness at Feathers and Frills.  (Sorry for the creepy model heads!)

I don't know why these are smaller, but they are still sooo pretty.

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