Wednesday, April 21, 2010

House Before pics

Hey guys!  LONG time no blog.  We've been super busy with life lately.  Time seriously does fly!  We are officially living in our new house--painting and unpacking.  We have so many hopes and dreams for our house, and hopefully, someday we will have the budget to make them come true...or we are hoping that HGTV will read this blog and come redo our house.  I LOVE HGTV!!!  (Genevieve, Holmes....HELP!)  Heres hoping! 

Here are some before pictures!  

Living room/Front door

Living room--fake brick wall, stained carpet (sneak peak of paint)

Dining room (with another sneak peak of our two paint colors!)

Kitchen view from the dining room

More kitchen 
Our cabinets are actually utility cabinets...not strong enough to hold anything heavy.  Yikes!  Good thing we found that out with our pots and pans BEFORE I put our dishes in.  So, our Tupperware and rice have very nice and spacious homes. :o)

Bathroom view from the dining room.  (Yes, our ONLY bathroom is off the dining room.  Appetizing! :o)

 Some more bathroom.  What you can't tell from the pictures...the walls are covered in panels of a cardboard type wallpaper.  I think it is called wall board?  Anyway, we have the same thing in the kitchen, bathroom, and going upstairs.  Lots of dry-walling in our future.  


  1. Steph! I can see the potential already! I can't wait to see more pics! The dining room floors look great!

  2. Thanks, Lauren. We're working at it! :o)