Friday, April 23, 2010

Sarah's Surprise Shower

So, among my other future dream jobs of being a teacher (in the works now), wedding planner, interior designer, baker, and lottery winner (you know, so I can make all these dreams come true), I would LOVE to open a gift wrapping/paper shop.  

Blame 4-H, but ever since I entered the "Gift Wrapping" category way back in 4th grade, I've been hooked.  Not saying I'm an expert, but I love taking time to wrap a present crisply.  (Sorry to everyone who has, and will be, getting a used gift bag stuffed with used tissue paper.  Sometimes we run out of time...err, I mean, I like being green.)

A group of us midwesterners threw our friend Sarah, the one who is getting married in Colorado, a surprise bridal shower while she was out here a couple weeks ago.  

Here is how I wrapped her shower gift.  

The final product.

The gift.  Thank you Hobby Lobby for having multi-purpose Christmas paper super cheap!  Don't be afraid to use the glue gun when wrapping makes bows stay and opening the gift all the more fun to watch! :o)

The card.  I used a plain white card and envelope.  Letter stickers were used for the words, and I cut out wrapping paper and some scrap black and white cardstock for the circles.  

I came up with a couple games to play.  Here were the prizes.  Simple white boxes tied with black ribbon (Sarah's wedding colors).  Easy and cheap.  

Inside of the boxes.  

Hopefully Sarah was sure looks like it here.  

Here is the group sans Lauren (who was the photographer for the night).  Love, Love, LOVE these women.  

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